Hello everyone.

Thank you very much for waiting for the English version of the original Japanese.
I had to redo the cover due to an unwanted and incorrect material added by the publishers without my acknowledgement.
Otherwise, it would have been in my hands 2 weeks ago.

Why am I called the mythical character “reaper” which points to death?

In the book, it will be revealed.

For those who have read the Japanese version, or have in their hands, I have updated a lot of information on it.
The Japanese version was written comically but it was very hard to rewrite it into the English version.
It’s more of a serious edition of the book.

I will start dispatching the book from Monday (Sept. 6th).

I am eager to announce that on Sept. 29th, at The Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan (FCCJ), I was given a chance to hold a “Book Break” event where authors introduce their book to the world.
The seating is very limited but you can attend via zoom live from FCCJ.


I hope you all enjoy the book.
If you wish more copies, please let me know.
Currently, it’s not yet sold on Amazon (as of Sept. 4th,2021)

Thank you very much and best regards.

Update: Sept. 23rd, 2021

As of Sept. 23rd, there are 45 attendees to the “Book Break” event.
For those who might want to get a first glance before the event or those who cannot attend, I am posting a rehearsal version of the video.
Until the 29th, please do NOT share this video.
After the event, I’m making it public along with the FCCJ YouTube video when it comes up (2 weeks later).